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Virtual Fashion Summer Camps

Based on the overwhelming success of our virtual Fashion Summer Camps during the pandemic, Banson NYC is excited to offer a Virtual Fashion Summer Camp for high school and college students in 2023.  They are designed for students to learn more about the field of fashion. We accept applications on a first come, first served basis.

The Virtual Fashion Career Camp allows students interested in fashion the opportunity to get a jumpstart on their career aspirations by determining if this is the direction that they want to pursue.  It will teach them the fundamentals of the fashion industry by providing an insider's perspective.  Although the visits will be virtual, they will be of the same quality and content as our in-person visits.  We will design each camp to spotlight a wide variety of careers in the industry ranging from merchandising, media, design, styling, buying, blogging, public relations and production to name a few.  Each program will also include interactive activities like a Master Class in Beauty with your own personal beauty box, a sustainable design project and tips on successful interviewing techniques and appropriate attire to wear.  We will end the program with a panel discussion from former students on how they landed internships/jobs and advice they have for making your college choice the right fit for you.  This week-long camp will be 18-20 hours.

The Virtual Fashion Styling Camp will teach students about styling through their own closets.  Throughout the week they will uncover their personal style, learn about different fashion styles, how attitude and feeling dictate style and much more.  Upon completion, students will understand that style affects their success in every aspect of life.  They will gain greater self-awareness, a new point of view and knowledge that will prepare them for college interviews, networking, social occasions and much more.  This camp will be taught by two industry professionals that are now university professors.  This week-long camp will be 10 hours of live instruction + offline hours.

The Virtual Fashion Design Camp will teach students about the very first step of fashion design: finding inspiration.  Throughout the week students will learn about inspiration and how to create a mood board.  The week will simulate how a designer finds inspiration and brings it to life using visual imagery of color, shape and form.  Upon completion, students will have an original mood board of their own creation.  This camp will be taught by two industry professionals that are now university professors.  This week-long camp will be 10 hours of live instruction + offline hours.

For more information regarding the dates and pricing of the camps, please contact Banson NYC directly.

To hear from previous virtual campers on how much they learned and how interactive the programs are click here.

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