Key industry people you could meet on a tour with Banson NYC...

  • VICE PRESIDENT OF MERCHANDISING for one of the leading eCommerce partners in the fashion industry
  • VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES of a full scale global fashion and lifestyle company
  • MARKET ANALYST for one of the industry's leading buying offices
  • VICE PRESIDENT OF PRODUCTION for one of the leaders in the apparel and footwear industry
  • CHIEF MERCHANDISING OFFICER of a better specialty baby brand
  • VICE PRESIDENT OF ADVERTISING of one of the world's most recognized premium lifestyle brands
  • ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE for a manufacturer of product for merchandising presentation
  • FASHION DESIGNER / OWNER of a classic retro childrenswear line
  • VICE PRESIDENT OF MERCHANDISING for one of America's premier women's apparel specialty retailers
  • VICE PRESIDENT OF PLANNING for one of the most successful designers in America
  • PRESIDENT OF SALES for one of the country's biggest moderate denim labels


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